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Dear friends,

I put an English translation of Jean Ziegler's great speech last year in
Vienna online.
He was speaking the students in the occupied Audimax lecture hall,
University of Vienna, Austria.

In his speech, Jean Ziegler explains us ...
- what we are fighting for - and what is wrong in the world
- who the enemy is - and where the head of the monster lies
- a way, a recipe to break them, the corporate organizations
- that *there IS hope!*

We need to listen to our great teachers and intellectual activists, and Jean
Ziegler has been fighting
the financial establishment for many years.   Only experienced teachers can
tell us the ways, how to infiltrate and
break the enemy, because it requires certain strategies to infiltrate the
head of these monsters in order to break them.

Here is the link to the new translation:

Other resources for this Ziegler speech:
Original video of the speech (in German):
Debate after the speech (only available in German):
 Video with English subtitles (by Zeitgeist):
 - please compare to my translation if you really want to understand what he
is talking about!

All the best,
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