found - or lost £31billion

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Tue Dec 28 20:07:19 GMT 2010

Just found this figure for the debt interest to fund government spending.- £31bn.
For comparison the total budgeted  government spending is £670bn. so thats just below 5% 
of our budget. 
If we started to-day to give back to future  generations what we have borrowed
from them we would bless  them. 
A policy of using real money - issuing it responsibly to ourselves when we need it 
and not borrowing from the bond market. would cut this annual £1,500 charge
 on each UK  household.   Its time we as a nation, grew up. 

Britain , because it has integrity in spades, is best placed to initiate this inflation resistant ,
 speculator resistant , monetary system.

The bond market would not like it.   Makes me think that one reason for the  present 
debt based money system is not that it is  rational, or that it is  optimum, but exists in order to  
feed the internatiional bankers in the City of London.
HMG  has a record going back to  the thirteenth century of borrowing huge amounts from the Fuggers.
In other words 'our' government is the milk-maid, the tax-payers the milch cow and the bond market 
and international bankers farm our taxes. 

Maybe thats why a working member of  Rothschild's board sits in on Cabinet meetings- I kid you not.
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