Earth Cafe Rochdale seeks like minded people

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Sun Feb 7 01:39:16 GMT 2010

Earth Cafe Rochdale seek like minded & committed individuals to help 
paint the town Green...!

Starting from an idea that has been bubbling away in Helen's ,[ the 
founder member of Rochdale Freegle's ], mind for some
time,two people got together over a drink, and an environmental
exchange and realised that they could make a difference to the place
they call home.

Starting with a simple idea that home is where the heart is,Heart of 
Earth and Earth Cafe were born.

We believe that we can make Rochdale Borough a greener,cleaner, more 
vibrant space.

We know that this is no small task.But equally believe that with the
passion and commitment of other like minded individuals collectively we
can make this happen.

If you feel that you are passionate about making a change to our
town.Want to help our town become somewhere that is renowned for
it's vibrancy,culture, heritage & diversity then please take the
first step by contacting us by email or give us a call and we can make
this happen.

We both have past experience of community engagement ,social/environment al/

political action & both have a shared concern for future generations
& the type of society & the future state of the planet they will one day
inherit. from us.

We believe that action will speaker far louder than words and
that it is only by actively challenging the status quo by creating 
sustainable communities & options that there will be any future worth 
inheriting at all.


Green Education Information & Resource Library

Talks,demonstration s& ideas for making small changes in our lives 
that have a big impact on our town.

A central meeting space at low cost for community groups.

A vibrant cafe space

for meeting people,discussing green issues,enjoying locally sourced 
food & drinks.

Promotion of local art through a gallery space on the cafe walls.

Children's play area that encourages,educates and entertains whilst 
embedding environmental sustainability.

If you "Get It!" & can help us realise this concept then please 
contact Helen or Andrew on :

earthcaferochdale at




Save the world ! - But Save Rochdale First !

Start by visiting;

Community Resource for local Green Issues & Campaigns

Greater Manchester Friends of the Earth Network


Rochdale Friends of the Earth Group


Local Community Resource for Green Issues in Rochdale [Opening Summer 2010]

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