John Rety RIP

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John was one of the key people networking, advising and otherwise supporting
TLIO's occupation of the Guinness site next to Wandsworth Bridge in 
April 1996.

Tributes pour in after John Rety, radical Torriano poet, dies from a 
heart attack

John Rety

JOHN Rety, the man behind the independent poetry performance space 
the Torriano Meeting House, has died.
Mr Rety, aged 79, was a champion of poetry in Camden, a political 
maverick with a background in the European anarchist movement and 
later became interested in squatters rights. He also was also behind 
independent publishers Hearing Eye press, who gave  poets the chance 
to spread their words in print.
See Thursday's New Journal for tributes and obituary
Share your memories of John Rety with journalist Dan Carrier. Send 
your thoughts to: dcarrier at

 >From Freedom Press website:

We are saddened to report the death of John Rety, anarchist, poet and chess
player who was editor of Freedom in the 1960s. John died on February 3rd
of a heart attack at home. John co-founded the Torriano Meeting House and
published the Hearing Eye series of poetry books, while his column
'through the anarchist press' in Freedom has been published as a book
by Freedom Press.

He remained active in recent years compering meetings of the Torriano Poets
for Peace a vivid insight into his passion and commitment that no one who
has ever seen could forget, and was a regular visitor to Angel Alley. He is
survived by his partner Susan, son Jacob and daughter Emily Johns who is
active in the peace movement and co-editor of Peace News.

We will be doing a full obituary for John in the next issue of Freedom but
for a flavour of the man some of his chess games can be found online at and some of his poetry at

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