RSA Shackdwellers / UK Squatting / UK Election

Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Sat Jan 2 18:03:29 GMT 2010

Happy New Year to comrades on the Global Justice, Diggers and other lists

1. Some background / info on shackdwellers movement and contemporary South
African politics

2. A journalist. Katherine Hibbert who did a thing on the Parliament Square
anti-SOCPA battle has put out a pro-squatting / freegan book based on her
personal circumstances which some might be interested in

3. For London based people, there will be *a meeting near Old St tube on
afternoons of Sat and Sun 30th and 31st January*  to prepare for a creative
'rainbow coalition' mobilisation on, before and after the coming election.

More info to follow - please spread the word.

Hope to see some of you there!

Best wishes
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