The Ecologist: 'Face up to natural limits, or face a 70s-style crisis'

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The shortened and dereferenced article is on the Ecologist's web site today --

My longer, referenced and illustrated version is now on-line at FRAW:

"Face up to natural limits, or face a 70s-style crisis"
'Comment', The Ecologist, January 2010

The article outlines the parameters that will define our energy future. Recent 
gas shortages may have made politicians focus on energy security once more, 
but the deeper systemic problems of Britain's energy economy go far deeper 
than the limited capacity of our gas importation system. Energy represents far 
more to the economy than just a fuel source; understanding the biophysical 
limits on our future use of energy, and how this affects the general economy, 
is essential if we are to create a strategic vision that can address the 
ecological crises of the Twenty-First Century.

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