Volunteers, advice request from Devon off grid workshop

Zardoz tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Thu Jan 28 00:24:46 GMT 2010

Volunteers, advice request from Devon off grid workshop

Dear all

>  I would like to say Hello. I am looking to contact people to help with a project I would like to start.

> The idea is to run a workshop buisness completley self suficiently, I am a blacksmith and the idea is to make a completely off grid self powering workshop,

I plan to power line shafts for all the large machinery from a Lister engine running on wood gas from wood grown and coppiced on my land, and have the forges fuelled by charcoal also from the land.

> I have about four acres with a small stream.
> The 3000 sq ft workshop is set up and has planning permission.
> All I think I need is the information maybe some volunteers, and a lot of work I currently run forge courses and would be happy to do exchanges.

> can you help? do you know where I might find anyone with any of the knowledge I need or just people interested in what I am planning

> Many Thanks
> Dean Aggett 
> 01884 855888, 07773 006743
> Meadow Forge
> Devon
"dean_aggett" <dean at meadowforge.co.uk>

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