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Sun Jul 4 21:02:34 BST 2010

P o W and Lord Howard of Howard Castle Yorks were interviewed by John Craven in BBC's Countryfile.   The theme was a new rural charity launched by  Po W and the custodianship of the countryside by Lord H.
The plight of the upland farmers'` income £6,000 was mourned.
Yet  Lord Howard's £267,116 , and Duchy's £581,000 CAP payments (2009) were not mentioned.    I reminded the  BBC complaints to get wise and look up to gen up on mayfair welfare before they  make any other gaffes.
Incidentally, the apparent  invention of Howardine Hills for  the district round castle howard and its acceptance by BBC is just one more instance of insidious forelock tugging and should be stamped on. James. 		 	   		  
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