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Hi Everyone Dom and Mirthful here.  

This is an invitation to participate in a land reclaim project in south east London, swoop date 17th July 2010. If you would like to be involved then our contact details are below. Contact us for meeting point and more details can be found on our facebook group FREEMAN ECO VILLAGE. 
peas love and freedom 

Hope that this message finds you well and at least some of you ready to begin a new way of living with all of the excitement and uncertainty that this involves. We have found land in London and are ready to swoop. 

Calling on all freemen/women that would like to live differently, be independent, take down interest based money and all acts (excepting those that support the common law), especially the 4000+ private acts of enclosure beginning in 1600s and being completed with the General Acts of Enclosure of 1836, 1840 and 1845. 

The eco villages will be set up using the law of the land , establishing permaculture practices and harnessing the free energy available from suppressed technology, such as Nikola Tesla. 

We would therefore like to invite you to become involved at any level and in any way you wish ie. in the swoop itself, building structures once we're on, such as benders, cob structures, chicken coops, compost toilets, etc., outreach to the community, permaculture, planting, beekeeping etc., sharing your ideas, what you would like to see coming from this experience either for yourself or others. 

We will be posting the meeting place and date of swoop very soon so keep in contact if you are interested. This is as well an open invitation to visit even if you cannot be there on the day of the swoop. 

Please feel free to come on day of swoop even if you do not wish to stay living on the space. 

Please if you are interested in any of the above leave your details on the facebook group FREEMAN ECO VILLAGE and the discussion board entitled, LONDON SWOOP on the group. 

or contact us direct on 
07727046200 or 07864845803 

or on skype..... 

The pre swoop will take place the saturday 10th July to get the site ready for the weekend after. 
so please leave details get in touch 

Onwards Upwards and Forwards 
peas love and free dom x 

Commonly Known As Dom and Mirthful Merryweather 
 e-mail: freemanecovillage at 

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