Badger Trust wins appeal against cull plans

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Anybody who thinks there was a genuine scientific point to this cull 
please feel free to enlighten us
But I won't hold my breath
more here


Badger Trust wins appeal against cull plans

13 July 2010 | By Alistair Driver, Jack Davies

THE Badger Trust has won it's appeal against the High Court's refusal 
to grant a judicial review on badger culling.

The annoucement was made at the Royal Courts of Justice in London this morning.

The next steps for the Welsh Assembly are not yet clear, but it is 
likely to add further delays as Ministers could now be forced to 
undergo a full legal review of the poicy before it can begin culling.

Elin Jones, the Minister for rural affairs, said: "I am disappointed 
with this judgement particularly as the court recognises the serious 
impact that bovine TB is having in Wales and the need to tackle the 
disease. We will now need to consider the judges' decision in detail 
before deciding our next steps.

"It is however clear that if we don't tackle all sources of infection 
we will not eradicate it. Farmers, their families and our rural 
communities are suffering from the devastating consequences of this 
disease and I remain committed to its eradication."
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