[diggers350] Free Ricardo Palmera, negotiator for Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

ilyan ilyan.thomas at virgin.net
Tue Jul 13 17:15:02 BST 2010

What should those who believe that a Pope must be burned for Huss (he 
was taken by by the same trick) do to an American Negotiator?    They 
can hardly hold him prisoner.

Temujin massacred those cities that sent back his Ambassador's heads.   
He only massacred the Armies of those who sent the Diplomats back with 

Americans are often stupid,  They have just expelled the Russian locker 
room spies deployed to assure the Russians of the authenticity of US 
diplomatic proposals.

In Afghanistan US soldiers are being killed trying to impose a totally 
corrupt Government.   Freeing Palmera, and negotiating with someone else 
from FARC - Farc cannot trust Palmera after he has been in US custody, 
is a first step to solving the Afghan problem as NATO would find it 
impossible to see that every Afghan woman has a Smith and Wesson .38 
Chief's Special under her Burkah and knows how to use it.   Unable to 
use that solution,  the US must establish tustworthy credentials to 
negotiate with the Taliban.

It seems Brit security are also thickoes.   Fancy turning down the 
chance of a resident ex-spy who comes by choice and can be referred to 
at any time.   Or are Brit security livid at the stupidity of their 
political bosses?

Ilyan 13 7 10

On 13/07/2010 01:26, Tony Gosling wrote:
> Senior FARC figure coaxed to attend peace talks then arrested by US <!--

<http://www.freericardopalmera.org/>"We demand the U.S. government free 
Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera, a political leader and 
negotiator for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). 
Professor Palmera has done nothing wrong. To the contrary, he 
consistently defends the sovereignty of his country, Colombia's 
independence, and the rights of the Colombian people. "

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