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Dear All
There's a brunch and site tour this Sunday - details of that and other upcoming events below, also a brief update.  There's lots more information on our website

Cheers, Kathy

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we recently accepted 3 more households.  This means that all 3 bedroom homes within the main project have been sold but one more may become available shortly (due to a household changing home size).  If you are interested in buying a 3 bedroom home please apply and if accepted you will be in the waiting pool until one becomes available.


Six more 3 bedroom homes will also be available on a plot adjacent to our site.  These homes will be the same design (downstairs living) but will have private gardens and parking space.  The owners will be able to benefit from 'neighbour membership' of the cohousing project.  When more information about the price of these homes and the details of 'neighbour membership' is available we will send another email / put details on the website.


There are still 1 and 2 bedroom homes available, although if you are interested in an upstairs flat with bed loft get your application in quick, as there is only one remaining. 




We look forward to welcoming our next group of members in October.  Applications should reach us by September 26th for a decision on October 9th/10th.  We welcome all applications and would particularly encourage households who wish to use workspace in the mill.  Please see the `join' page for more information and an application form to become a prospective member.


Hot off the press news!


We found out today that a group of us have had an offer accepted on the riverside land immediately upstream of our site. 


Public Events


Last Thursday of every month
16:15 Mill tour (by request)

Forge Bank, Halton (map).  Meet at the Mill building – you can recognise it by a large 'North West Engineering' sign 

Members of the Commercial Development Group of the Cohousing Project will show you round the Mill and help you to think about possibilities for your business/organisation/office/workshop needs. Contact info at to book or for more info.


4th Sunday every month (including this Sunday July 25th!)

11am Brunch WhaleTail, 78a Penny Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XN

1.30pm Site tour

Forge Bank, Halton (map).  Meet at the Mill building – you can recognise it by a large 'North West Engineering' sign


Sunday August 22nd

Integration afternoon (Community Centre, Halton, prospective members only, time TBC)

An opportunity to find out a lot more detail about the project; how decisions are made, where we have got to in the process, how to access information, where and when we meet and socialise etc etc.  Please contact us in advance if you would like us to provide a crèche for this event (there is a children's room booked).

Do you want to live or work in an eco community?  See 

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