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 I would ask people alienated from the main political parties to consider voting Green.  Yes they are not perfect but I think in a different dimension from the rest and about the only radical Diggeresque choice at the polls this time.  We urgently need proportional representation in the UK to improve democracy but even under the current system we might get a Green MP in Brighton (etc) which would be a big step forward.
I used to believe  that I was too radical to vote.   But I don't think we have very long to address the key issues of environmental and social change.  I think we should use all the tools  we can, including voting for the options that are best/least negative

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Subject: [diggers350] Landless Peasants Party



      I admit to not having come across this before....but

A political party in the current travesty of representation seems an inapropriate route. It strikes me that it might be more sensible to somehow mobilise the 40% of people who don't vote, more than ever do vote for any of the parties who then dominate everything without a twinge of conscience, (I am hoping it might go above 50% this time) towards a citizens constitution. But until someone works out a non-violent way of getting the rich to give up their wealth and power, even that is a waste of time.



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