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Historically, landless peasants have not done well in encounters with
landowners or their representatives, who will use violence to keep what they
have and take what they can.

While the party might generate some publicity relating to the issue of land
and wage slavery, personally I don't like anything which appears to condone
an illegitimate form of rule over most of us- property is theft and
government is violence (ok, that's a simplification)- and I can think of
better ways to spend £600 defending and promoting land rights- Steward Wood
and Lammas still have outstanding legal fees, (as far as I know) for

I do like the idea of mocking the legislature, however- I'd have a lot more
sympathy for 'em if I knew they were taking the piss, but they couldn't
admit to that in public because then they wouldn't be allowed to stand.

Still reserving my opinion until I learn a bit more, I think.

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 12:03 PM, chris morton <
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> I admit to not having come across this before....but
> A political party in the current travesty of representation seems an
> inapropriate route. It strikes me that it might be more sensible to somehow
> mobilise the 40% of people who don't vote, more than ever do vote for any of
> the parties who then dominate everything without a twinge of conscience, (I
> am hoping it might go above 50% this time) towards a citizens constitution.
> But until someone works out a non-violent way of getting the rich to give up
> their wealth and power, even that is a waste of time.
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