Two cohousing events - 24th, 25th April 2010

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Fri Mar 26 09:59:07 GMT 2010

A national conference exploring how to get cohousing done
Saturday 24th April
£25 per person

A unique training day for forming and developing groups
Sunday 25th April
£100 per person

These two events are a once-in-a-lifetime UK opportunity to learn from keynote speakers Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant, award-winning Californian architects who pioneered cohousing in the USA and wrote the cohousing 'bible'.

The conference will also include speakers and workshops from many UK cohousing projects, established and developing.

Charles and Kathryn will also be running 'getting it built', an intensive training day on Sunday 25th. It will explore in-depth the themes from Saturday's conference 'Creating Cohousing Together'.

For full programme details on each day and to book online, go to:

"What is cohousing?"

One line answer: an intentional community that tries to strike the right balance between public and private space, is small enough to be a community, and is big enough to be resilient to change.

More info:

Organised by the UK cohousing network
Sponsored by the Hanover housing group, NESTA and the Tudor Trust

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