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Mon Mar 29 23:17:02 BST 2010

I am researching a major new BBC2 documentary series called 'Money.'

The aim of this ambitious series is to explore our personal belief 
systems and attitudes towards money, and to paint a clear portrait of 
our spending habits in the 21st Century. It will explore how we feel 
about money and how we manages our finances.  The idea for this 
series was born out of the fact that the recession, coupled with 
expenses scandals and bankers' bonuses mean that more than ever 
people are talking about money and what it represents.

Let me reassure you that the team responsible for making the series 
has an impressive track record for producing high quality 
documentaries. I am at the intial stages of this project and am 
looking to have research chats with people who are interested in 
engaging in this debate.  I was hoping that I might be able to talk 
to members, as I would assume that your members would have refreshing 
and unique attitudes towards their spending habits.

Thank you very much for your time.


Tara O'Kelly
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How do you feel about money?

Are you motivated by money?

Are you fulfilled?

We are making a documentary series for BBC2 about attitudes to life and money.

If you think the series sounds interesting and you'd like to find out 
more, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.  At this stage, we 
are simply hoping to have confidential research chats with people 
over the phone.

To get in touch in confidence,

please call 0207 557 2358

or email us at;  tara.okelly at

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