£1million CAP handouts

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more gems from www.//cap-payments.defra.


Strutt and Parker , Nestle, RSPB, Suttons , a Dubai
addressee, The Forest of Dartmoor Association 
and a farming contractor are among the sixteen recipients from the CAP
of over £1million  each , in the 2008 version
of the annual European lottery where all landowners win .There are some 195,700
payees of the schemes and they receive some £2.7 billion (  £2,674,444,392.02p in total) for these
schemes.  Land-owners receive other  payments and grants outwith the CAP
scheme.    CAP is notoriously inefficient
to administer. Might we take it that an additional 5%  or 10% should be added to the burden on the
British  taxpayer  to account for  collecting, administering and distributing?

Variations of this system of outdoor relief for the aristocracy have been in operation since 1973.The  size of payouts has been ever increasing.   The  list of sixteen,   annual £1milllion plus  beneficiaries,  of the  Common Agricultural Policy and their grants.


Czarnikow EC1 London                                              


KG Growers of TN12, Kent                                        


GS Growers of CB7, Ely                                             , £2,908,857.00p


Farmcare Ltd 
DN14  Goole                                        


The Berry
World  of EN10 Broxbourne                       £1,943,996.51p


RMR Wingfield OX2 




Agreserves  PE28 of


Fruition PO ,  CT1 
City (sic)                           


Strutt and Parker Farms Ltd 
CM3 Chelmsford             £1,220,995.96p


Sir Richard Suttons settled Estates W1J London           £1,186,760.37p


Volac  SG8 Herts                                                           £1,178,816.06p


Forest of Dartmoor Association   EX20                         £1,295,795.53p


Lilburn Estates NE 71 


Blankney Estates Ltd 
LN4  Lincoln                              £1,036,165.22p 


Nestle UK Ltd      
YO91 York                                      £1,018,457.69p           		 	   		  
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