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  The following are among the  successful claimants of the Common AGRICULTURAL Policy   in  2008. Nat. West Bank, The Court Leet of the  Island of Portland South  Essex Insurance Group, Belfast North Airport, Lake District National Park Authorities, International Bible Students Association Jonjo O’Neill Racing Ltd Manby Pheasantries Enville Golf Club of Stourbridge Master of Fox Hounds,, Mr White   And  555 claims from City, Town and County councils – these  public bodies  received £7,544, 217.68 in total  In ONE YEAR For the sake of form,  the giant farming estates  did not forget to  claim.    In the rolling downland of  Cranborne Chase in  Dorset,   Crichel Farms Ltd drew  £423,982.81p and St Giles Farms Ltd of Winborne drew £345,986 and some pence. Poor old Barclays Bank Trustreceived only £1.38p.  Such paymentys have been going on every year since 1973.No wonder the country is broke. This must be the biggest scam of all.  MY argument is that clearly , small  farmers need support- but reason they need it is  to fend off the giant predatory farming corporations` who knock farm to farm.This is a hidden and regressive tax which the  landless pay to the landowners.Small farmers, like all low income households need support. In this instance the  giant farmers should subsidise those farmers in need. Clearly the CAP is not supporting 'agriculture, and  is not supporting the needy farmers and is grossly wasteful.James Dorchester. 		 	   		  
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