cap C.A.P. to save a half billion

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Wed May 12 02:34:14 BST 2010

More breaking C.A.P.  news.Has someone found a good day to break bad news? To coincide with the  appointment of the new chancellor,  the Rural Payments Agency  of Defra has issued  yesterday the new list of payments of C.A.P. grants in the U.K. for the year 2009.It shows that payments in UK in total increased by  some 18 per cent over the previous year,  from £2.8billion to £3.3billion.If the rate of increase continues at this  rate for the  current twelve months this  will add a further half billion to the total.The  interestingly titled Czarnikow Group with a base in Dubai continue to top the list with a payout of some £19million for the year.  Here is an easy way to save half a billion.Cap C.A.P. Can I be the next Chancellor please?James Armstrong Dorchester.     
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