E.U. costs UK 57bn euros p.a.

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Contributions to and
moneys from E,U., by country  (source

Billions------                  Euros  

C ountry   Money to    
Money from  Net Transfer  pop’n           Net benefit

                     E.U.                  E.U.                                                     
per capita


U.K             103                      46             -57             60,816,701            -937


Germany     164                    78              -86             82,314,905            -805


France          140                  88               -51             63,382,140            -805


Greece          15                    40               +24            10,066,158         +2,238


Ireland         11                      12              +.0.6            4,312,526            +139


These realities may


1  HMG policy of encouraging
 large net immigration to U.K.
(to justify larger E.U. payments to UK)


The huge and 
continuing and growing CAP payments claimed by UK
from E.U.  (to transfer under the largest
budget item in EU, the C.A.P.,  EU moneys
to  UK)

           Its diabolical
 that it goes to wealthy landowners and
not to struggling small 

to create  jobs on the land , and to make
land available to small holders

            and to
self builders

The conspiracy of secrecy by HMG and Office of National
Statistics about the size of UK annual contributions ( 103bn euros,) the small
return (46bn euros) and the net per capita cost to UK citizens  937 euros each per annum, or  some 2,811 euros per household.


More realities are that the purpose of the EU is to avoid
revanchist wars as in 1871, 1914 and 1939 between France
and Germany ,
also to reduce inequality between national  economies in the belief that such economic
inequalities cause wars.

Are these assumptions valid?

Is the  E.U. effective
in its aims?

My take is that the EU is a 
valid concept but  the CAP should
be capped and directed to small farmers 
not agribusiness. It is presently a pernicious regressive tax and its
worst effects are  keeping entrants out
of agriculture and grossly inflating the price of land which inflates the price
of houses – the chief element in which is the variable cost of the plot under
the house and garden.  Housing
campaigners should campaign vigorously for capping C.A.P. 


However the shear scale, the diversity of twenty odd nations,
the corruption and the ineffectiveness of the E.U. administration pose
severe  problems still not solved after
25 years.                        James, Dorchester   .     May 2010 		 	   		  
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