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For the first time ever? Farming Today on radio 4 has brought up the subject ofthe £1,000 (and rising) that every man woman and child in Britain contributes to E.U.each year.Could this be a coincidence to the stats I sent them?Now is the opportunity to follow this up . Here is a sample letter. (send your to farmingtoday at
Ask Caroline Spellman.?

As animal lovers FT should ask Caroline Spellman “Please not
to cut the £37,892.96 paid to the Donkey Sanctuary at 2009”

As official spokespersons for the NFU  Please do not under any circumstances ask Mr
Kendal the President ,which of the 50 Kendal farms is his ,receiving CAP payments of up to 78,693.93
euros each.

As democratic illiterates BBC should confine their attention
to the NFU and the government and under no circumstances should BBC  ask the sovereign people how they feel about
paying out 3.3 billion euros ( and rising by 18% each year ) mostly to
landowners and over 1million euros each to 29 landowning corporations.

Only joking! Dont take me seriously as I'm one of the 95  percent who own no bulk land so don't qualify for C.A.P. payments. 

James Armstrong,    Dorchester   
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