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 Here is a breakdown
of the   2009 distribution of  payments from Defra under the C.A.P. system. (in
euros) in 2009 


The overall picture

The total number of  payouts to those who receive  over 1 euro is 197, 136 and the total paid out
is 3,302,348,933 euros    (3.3billion
euros , about £2.8billion)


The small ‘agricultural’ operator  (62 per cent of the total) gets 10 per cent
of the cash  

 The total number of
payouts under 10,000 euros  is  123,007

And the average payouts to those 123,007 (small
farmers?)  is 2,760 euros (about £2,346
each  currently)  


The large operators (38 per cent of the total)  gets 90 per cent of the cash

The total number of payouts of over 10,000 euros each is  74,129

And the average payout to this group (large landowners ,agribusinesses - and donkey sanctuaries )  is 
39,968  euros (some £33,973)


Another way of saying this is that if you are rich enough to
buy or inherit  bulk land in U.K.
 and you don’t need state funding  you qualify for the big payouts.

If you don’t have enormous capital to buy land (and stock it
) and you desperately need funding to help you compete with the giants or just
to to survive on a small holding , 

You get peanuts from the state. 


Whatever you are  told
, C.A.P. helps small farmers only marginally. Since most of the funds go
to  rich 
farmers, landowners or agribusinesses , 


The CAP regime is either designed to help small farmers and
is therefore the most inefficient tax ever or 
it never was designed for this purpose.


The truth is that CAP is not only irrelevant to UK
agriculture but it punishes farmers for 
being small and   leaves them  even more vulnerable to being bought out by
the giants

With funds provided to the latter from CAP.  


The political reason for the existence of CAP ., which was
designed before UK joined EEC as it was, 
is  to reward the myriads of small
French farmers with money  earned by
the  successful industrialists of
Germany. And  to bolster the weak
political French state and its shaky Franc with the stable Germany of
Chancellor Kohl and the Deutsche mark . This was the price extracted from the pariah
Germany for
respectability to rejoin the comity of European nations. 


When Britain
joined in 1973 it was confronted with the CAP as a fait accompli.

Maggie Thatcher later jibed at the British contribution (It
is now an outrageous £50billion net ) 
Claiming as much as possible under CAP from the EU is Britain’s
way of reducing our net contribution. 

As long as membership of EU is UK
policy , CAP will never make sense in agriculture terms or in social  terms.  
In fiscal terms it is the most regressive of our taxes rewarding
the  rich and punishing the poor.  At least the  manorial villeins had land when they were required to pay tithes.  CAP is worse.  The landless are now required to pay £3billion annually to reward those who own bulk land . Enough to make the Sherrif of Nottingham blush. James., Dorchester                                       14th
May 2010 		 	   		  
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