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Fri May 21 07:43:37 BST 2010

Letter to BBC Radio 4,  Farming Today 1  The estimated population of  horses in UK is 975,000 ((Which Pet Insurance web site)   One estimate of their  pasture needs is 1 acre per horse.CAP grants can yield £60 - £120 per acre.When it comes to budget cuts, pounds  for ponypaddocks must rate highly.Ask Mr Kendall  of NFU.Also ask him  how he justifies  the  £179,645 CAP payment to  W J Kendall Sons farm at Sandy Bedfordshire  in 2009 and in 2008.....?and also the arrangements to receive some  £120 per acre CAP grants. 2 Could FT  please advise me what was the role of NFU  in preparing this week's FT series on Defra  activities?James Armstrong, Dorchester.   		 	   		  
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