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Activists in Parliament Square, who have been camping out in
Parliament Square, Westminster since May 1st in protest against war
and oppression, and in favour of grass roots 'people power' democracy,
are being threatened with eviction in the run up to the Queens Speech
next week. They are asking for people to visit them to show support.
Send messages to: supportdemoracyvillage at gmail.com They can also be
followed on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/Democracyville


Kew Bridge Ecovillage is an ecovillage and social centre on squatted
land overlooking the River Thames at the north end of Kew Bridge in
West London. Activists inspired by the land rights campaign group The
Land is Ours occupied the long derelict site on 6 July 2009. The Royal
Botanic Gardens, the world's largest collection of living plants and
pioneer of horticultural preservation, face the ecovillage site on the
opposite side of the river. The community is reported as saying it
wishes to demonstrate the practicality of permaculture principles,
living in simple bender structures, growing its own vegetables and
recycling its waste.

The Village faces an eviction threat, starting from this Friday, 21st
of May, 2010. It is likely that they will evict on the Friday, or the
Monday after or at some other date that suits their purposes. If you
want to help protect the eco village, then come down and lend a hand.

The eco village is primarily a place for beings of different
perspectives, experiences, ideals and aims to come together to create
sustainable communities, wherever they might exist. The site is set to
be turned into a monstrous development of expensive flats and more
pubs and shops, in an area with two nearby shopping centres, and with
3 pubs in the immediate area, and copious amounts of disused
properties standing empty as the numbers of homeless continue to rise.
Kew Bridge Eco Village stands in the
way of this ridiculous development and against all unsustainable
practices everywhere.

So if you want to protect the eco village, whether you consider
yourself to be classwar, eco, feminist, hippy, hardcore, non-violent,
survivalist, whatever: come on down and support the village! There are
plenty of sleeping spaces, and you even have the option of setting up
a tent.

See you at the barricades!!!!

Kew Bridge Eco Villiage, 2 Kew Bridge Road, Brentford, TW8 0JF London,
United Kingdom
07967 864370

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