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Letter to :  Register
of M.P.’s financial interests,  H of
Commons                                              22nd May 2010

Clerk to
the House of Commons.

Sir,              Declare CAP receipts in
register of Members’ Financial Interets.

Ref             Richard   Drax, M.P. South Dorset

The defra web site shows the
farm of  MP for South Dorset

Richard Grosvenor Plunkett, Ernle Erle Drax 

at Charlborough , Wareham, Dorset

Received    £417,846. 93p as
CAP   payments in 2009


Drax Farm has  some 7,000
acres . The newly elected M.P. for South Dorset likes to be known as
Richard Drax.  

 Also from Charlborough
Wareham BH 20 , Morden Estates Co.  receives  £4,861.67p

 for the year 2009.  


 In 2008 Drax farms received £313,562.76p

And JR Drax Executors of Clark
HJS  also of Wareham BH20,    £


Would the secretary of the House of Commons  take steps to have published the  names of those MPs who are beneficiaries of
the CAP payments directly or indirectly ,within the register of members’
interests and the appropriate receipts ?

It is the – policy of the EU to have CAP payments  information available to the public. at

Although in some instances it can be inferred from the defra
web site , this information is not always available there and able to be  ascribed to known individual farms or
addresses or named individuals.  M.P.s
are not so designated  there.  This indicates 
the need for a separate list of M.P.s CAP payments to be published by H
of C.

It is perverse for MPs 
to speak  or vote on agriculture
or on expected budget cuts in other areas , without specifically declaring this
major interest and the extent of 
payments they receive directly or indirectly from CAP. 


Yours faithfully,James Armstrong,  Dorchester 


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