SatJun12 - Land Action on Sussex Downs

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Protest about closed Access land on Sussex Downs - please forward & email if you want any more info.  
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Action For Access

Walking and working for a people’s 
Walk Preview Notes for June 
Our next walk 
includes a political action and requires you to attend not just for fun but to 
give us your real aid and support. 
This is the most 
important walk we have done and we wish for maximum attendance. Bring your 
friends, comrades, children, grandparents, cousins, and school friends. 

The walk will 
be on the Iford, Rodmell and Southease Downs on Saturday 12th June. 
We will meet at 11.00am sharp at Southease rail station. The total walk will be 
eight to nine miles, but there will be a natural break after 2.5 miles from 
which people can return if they do not wish to cover the whole distance. There 
will also be a later point from which a quicker return can be made. 
The SECOND part of the walk will 
traverse some of the most beautiful, tranquil and under-used Downland on the 
central South Downs, including much aboriginal flowery down pasture, much of 
which has SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) status. The views are 
absolutely gorgeous. Skylarks, Orchids, butterflies, and much that is buzzing, 
scented, humming, creeping, furry, feathery, chirping and singing will be seen. 
Maybe we’ll even sing a song too…
The FIRST part of the walk is more 
important, though, and will involve an event on a lovely site which is statutory 
Access Land, but from which the public are presently banned for wholly spurious 
We hope to 
attract the media and to get as much publicity as possible for this 
The political 
event will not take too long and will involve absolutely no criminal activity, 
harm to property or intrusive acts. Indeed, walkers can participate in the walk 
without taking part in the event or entering the disputed Access Land site. We 
want no confrontations, but we do want to make our case loudly and colourfully. 
Please bring any banners your organisations may have (provided they are not 
heavy and can be folded up so’s they don’t stop you enjoying the rest of the 
walk). We want people to bring placards, too, and will give you details of 
appropriate wording if you contact us. Bring fence-decorating materials, too. 
Let’s make the fencing there like a mini-Greenham Common fence.
cameras. We want good film to be taken, for the event will work best for us if 
it is comprehensively filmed.
landowners need to know that we will pursue abuses of progressive access law 
until they are corrected.  

The countryside does not belong to 
the rich and selfish !!
The earth is a common treasury 
MEET 10.35am    SOUTHEASE 
STATION Â  Â  Â  Â  p://,0.0345|14|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:50.8306:0.03053:17|southease
 station|Southease, Lewes

BRIGHTON  10.10am  Meet (with tickets) 10am by central coffee stall
 Lewes leaves 10.28

walking and working for a people's countryside


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