Council Tax: a precedent is set & Bankers tricks

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Thu May 27 12:33:43 BST 2010

WIRRAL COUNCIL – Admits that Council Tax is Unlawful and Sets a
Legal Precedent.\

How the Banks work with all the  systems in place to rob you of
everything you own.

Learn how Banks and the Courts conspire to rob you of your money. Learn
how debt collectors intimidate you and trick you into contracts and
learn how to empower yourself

The banks have been so desperate to get us into debt, that they sold
people mortgages, who they knew could NEVER afford to pay them back.

The governments are so desperate to keep this racket going, that they
will bail out ANY bank that gets into trouble!

Being in debt is one of the consequences of playing the game

Why do you think your government is in debt?

There is not enough Money in circulation for everyone to pay off ALL the

The whole system is totally fraudulent... <>  
Great 30 minute video explaining the con.

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