Housing benefit cuts will stop social unrest, claims Cameron

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Thu Nov 18 22:20:57 GMT 2010

More reverse logic 'Shock Doctrine' from Cameron and his upside down kingdom.
Psychological Operations by the Bullingdon Club 
... targeted at the people and, unwisely, the armed forces.
How long can Nero's social engineering last?

The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein and Alfonso Cuaron


Housing benefit cuts will stop social unrest, claims Cameron

Patrick Wintour, political editor - 
guardian.co.uk, Thursday 18 November 2010 20.05 GMT

Social unrest would have been likely if housing 
benefit payments had not been slashed, David 
Cameron said today after claims that his cuts 
would lead to an influx of poor families from 
inner cities to hard-pressed suburbs.

He challenged Margaret Hodge, the chair of the 
Public Accounts Committee, to join him in the 
streets of her home in Islington, north London, 
to find out whether the public supported the cuts.

The exchange was one of the few charged moments 
in a two-and-a-half-hour cross-examination by the 
chairs of Commons select committees, the first 
time Cameron had been questioned by the liaison 

In his exchanges on the housing benefit budget, 
Cameron said reform cuts were needed to prevent 
social unrest by taxpayers who believe it is unfair.

Hodge said he did not understand the anger in her 
Barking constituency in east London and warned 
about the impact on the extreme right. She said: 
"You said you support mixed communities but it's 
undoubtedly the case that the cap and housing 
benefit changes will mean that poorer people 
cannot afford to live in rented accommodation in 
Notting Hill, where you live, or Islington, where 
I live, or in Westminster, where we all work.

"And they will be forced out to areas like the 
one I represent, Barking, where there is pressure 
and social unrest caused by the very rapid 
changes in population and the lack of affordable housing.

"Is social unrest a price worth paying, and the 
impact that can have with the extreme right?"

Cameron replied: "Find me a street in your 
constituency and let's go down it together and 
let's ask people earning £20,000, £25,000, 
£30,000, whether they are happy to be paying 
towards people whose rent bills are £30,000, 
£40,000, £50,000 living in central London.

"I think that is more likely, frankly, to lead to 
social unrest when people find out how much money 
they're paying in taxes for people to live in 
houses they couldn't dream of living in 
themselves." Cameron said housing benefit had 
risen by 50% in the last five years. "Everyone 
accepts it's out of control and you've got to 
take some steps to deal with it," he said.

"We have been chasing ourselves round in a 
circuit of increased housing benefit, increased 
costs and all the while not building very many 
houses. We have had big capital allocations into 
housing for the last decade, but it has pushed up 
the price of land – anyone who owns a bit of land 
outside one of the towns we represent has done 
very well, but we seem not have built many houses."

He claimed the new homes bonus would lead to an 
increase in housebuilding since councils will be 
able to keep the extra revenue.................../////

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