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            So now its an official secret that Richard Drax MP benfited from £417,000 CAP payment in 2009 from UK taxpayers ,and Prince Charles £500,000 and the Queen £1.1million (2008/2009 for privately owning Sandringham Estates, and British Sugar PLC £81milllion and Czarnikow Ltd  £3 million. and RESPB £1million and......oops ! please dont tell any British taxpayers that each UK household pays £190 per annum to rich landowners some of theem foreign and some of them millionaires .   You can read to-days announcement eir announcementdem at 
It startes

"The European Court
                of Justice (ECJ) has made a judgement that invalidates parts of the EU legislation
                that requires Member States to publish the data of beneficiaries of CAP funds (see
                in full
            at link below).
            The ECJ judgement
                concluded that the European Commission and the Council imposed excessive requirements
                on the publication of data for individual beneficiaries (natural persons) that has
                exceeded the limits imposed by the principle of proportionality. As such, the Commission
                has requested that all Member States suspend publication of data on individual beneficiaries
                (‘natural persons’); but allows the continued publication of data on companies (‘legal
                persons’). As it is technically and administratively not feasible for us to separate
                this information we are consequently suspending access to all the data. The Commission
                are now drafting amended regulations to put before the Council and European Parliament.
            The UK will be studying
                the ECJ judgement carefully to ensure
                that within
                    the new legal
            we adopt the best
                approach to achieving greater transparency and openness in the use of EU funds.
                The UK has consistently supported the provision of this data. We will be negotiating
                for a revised legal framework that supports this in a cost effective way, or at
                a minimum does not prevent individual Member States from providing transparency.
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