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  Blaming Landlords is a nonsense.   The root of the described rot is an 
unholy alliance between bigotted dogmatic Marxists and bigotted dogmatic 
Religious.   They read their sacred books and stop thinking.

By 1820 the people forming the Working Class were warned to limit their 
families.   The warning was ignored and population soared, industry grew 
and pours out pollution.    Marx denounced Malthus,  and the Agents of 
Satan denounce the Chinese for their one child per family policy.    
Indians choose the poverty enforced by overopulation, and shut their 
eyes to the unpreceedented mass extinction now facing EarthLie  that 
human overpopulation will ensure.      Or has already ensured.

On 30/09/2010 14:16, Mark Barrett wrote:
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> See here for my idea about the wealth divide and what causes poverty.
> http://gco2e.blogspot.com/2010/09/where-are-my-wages-going-mr-osbourne.html
> And of course, in the end, economic collapse and eco-destruction. I'm
> happy to receive objections
> The activity is commonly called "Theft". And all land owners appear to
> be at it. Non land owners aspire to it.
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