Setting precedents - but dark forces try to sink Luton plans

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This is 'Smear of the Year' people...
Whilst fighting for the Organisation Workshop 
(OW) in 2009/10 Marsh Farm Outreach were hit by 
two scam court claims for big moneys....both at 
the same time....but we're seeing them both off 
believe....coz no matter how powerful you cant be wrong and strong...this is a 
last ditch attempt to sink the OW ship before she this space for the full story as it emerges...ONE LOVE!!!
Glenn Jenkins

Published: 10/10/2010 07:30 - Updated: 09/10/2010 11:38

A contract worth more than £800,000 was awarded 
to a community project by a Government minister 
despite the organisation being in liquidation.

Liberal Democrat Minister Andrew Stunell 
overturned the previous Government’s decision to 
refuse the £839,000 sought for the Organisation 
Workshop by project Marsh Farm Outreach CIC (MFO) 
after campaigners from the project protested to him personally.

A contract was signed on October 1 between MFO 
and the Marsh Farm Community Development Trust 
(MFCDT) for the start of the workshop - which is 
designed to create 67 jobs and new businesses - to begin three days later.

But the trust discovered a winding up order was 
made against MFO on July 28 and, as a result, it 
believes MFO ‘did not have authority to sign the contract’.

In law, liquidation is the process by which a 
company is brought to an end, and the assets and 
property of the company redistributed. It is also 
sometimes referred to as winding up.

A statement released by the MFCDT, states the 
trust and other agencies involved were not aware 
of and had not been informed of this situation 
prior to the signing of the contract which may 
have implications for the delivery of the project 
which has currently been suspended.

When Luton on Sunday tried to contact Mr Stunell, 
who was appointed a Parliamentary Under-Secretary 
of State in the Department for Communities and 
Local Government in May, to ask him why he had 
agreed to give this money to an organisation 
which was in liquidation and whether he was aware 
of the project’s status at the time of the 
agreement, he was unavailable for comment.

On Wednesday, MFO was successful in their appeal 
to have its winding up order rescinded at the 
High Court in London, although on Friday the 
Companies House website still has ‘in liquidation’ against the organisation.

Glenn Jenkins, a spokesman from the MFO, said: 
“When it comes to us not being able to sign the 
contract [because of the programme’s liquidation 
status], that is not how we understand it. This 
is because our bank accounts were not frozen.

“We have a brilliant working relationship with 
the Marsh Farm Community Development Trust.

“We are preparing to re-sign the contract with 
the trust and I hope and expect to have the 
suspension lifted by Monday. They are absolutely 
committed to take the project forward.

“We’ve had a lot of people trying to stop this 
project happening but this is a unique project 
which has never happened in the UK.

“It will give 67 unemployed people the 
opportunity to create successful enterprises. 
This situation is a complete distraction.” A 
Communities and Local Government spokeswoman, 
said: “We have been made aware that Marsh Farm 
Outreach were in the High Court on Wednesday 
facing a winding up order and that Luton 
NDC(MFCDT) suspended the contract to begin the 
Organisational Workshop project whilst this matter is settled.

We are awaiting further information on the 
circumstances behind this.” When asked why the 
department had previously stopped the money for 
funding, a spokeswoman said: “We can’t say any 
more than this.” On Wednesday Marsh Farm 
Community Development Trust (MFCDT) released a 
statement saying: ‘A contract was signed on 
October 1 by Marsh Farm Outreach CIC (MFO) and 
MFCDT with the project beginning on October 4.

‘It has since come to light that a Winding Up 
Order was made against MFO on July 28, 2010 and, 
as a result, MFCDT believes MFO did not have authority to sign the contract.

‘MFCDT and the other agencies involved were not 
aware of or had been informed of this situation 
prior to the signing of the contract.

‘MFCDT understands that MFO has been to the High 
Court today appealing to have their Winding Up 
Order rescinded. We are awaiting official notification of the decision.

‘These developments may have implications for the 
delivery of the Organisation Workshop project 
which has now been suspended pending 
consideration by MFCDT and the other agencies involved.

‘They will also take into account the decision by 
the High Court and the Insolvency Office.’

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