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	The following is taken from the NFU web site, subheading 'organic farming'.Just what and who are we paying for?  

Starts:Key messages and slogans


















Below are the slogans and a list of key 
messages developed during the EU promotional campaign for organic 
farming for various target groups. Feel free to use this material, when 
creating your own promotional material.Key slogan:Organic farming. Good for nature, good for you.Other slogans:Organic farming. Good for nature, good for me.Organic farming. The natural choice.Organic farming. A decision for nature.Organic farming. Be natural!Organic farming. In nature we trust.Organic farming. It’s in our nature.Organic farming. In goodness we trust.Organic farming. Simply good.Organic farming. Wickedly good.Key messages:“Organic production contributes to a high level of biodiversity and the preservation of species and natural habitats.”“Organic production makes responsible use of energy and natural resources.”“Organic production takes account of local and regional balances and encourages the use of on-site resources.”“Organic production enhances soil life, natural soil fertility and water quality.”“Organic production promotes animal health and welfare.”“Organic production meets the specific behavioural needs of animals.”“Organic products meet consumer demand for authentic, high quality and tasty food.”“Organic labelling offers consumers confidence that their goods are produced under controlled organic standards.”“Organic production offers diversified varieties of products to the market, available through various distribution channels.”“Organic
 production offers consumers the guarantee that all enterprises in the 
organic sector are regularly inspected by authorities.”“Consumer 
demand for organic products is growing, offering increased business 
opportunities for all sectors of the food supply chain.”“The 
growth in organic farming is creating more employment opportunities and 
wealth for rural economies and contributes to the maintenance and 
improvement of rural landscapes.”“Organic farming allows opportunities for members of the food supply chain to reconnect with consumers.”“The organic food supply chain requires workers who are highly experienced and well-qualified.” 


















Terms of use All content of this toolbox is the property of 
the European Commission, but may be used free of charge for the 
generation of promotional material concerning organic food and farming 
in the European Union.National, regional or other organic farming
 logos may be added to the material, but the contents may not be altered
 in any other way. The material may not be used to promote brands 
(whether organic or not) or anything not related to organic food and 
farming.Any abusive use of this material may be prosecuted.




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