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Three miles east of Salisbury Cathedral a brisk walk
starting along Milford Road
and through Ranger Farm brings you along a footpath into the middle of a huge
estate .The ruins of Clarendon Palace
built  and used by the Normans
(Henry 111?)  around 1100 1200 still
stand.  There you are in the middle of
beautiful downland, a lot of it now under cultivation.

I learned about the ‘Constitutions of Clarendon’ drafted
here when one of the kings held court. The stables were large enough to
accomodate 120 horses and the king’s packs of hunting dogs (So the notice says)


When I returned home I keyed in
and searched for Clarendon.  It turns out
that  Clarendon Park Farms Ltd  were paid £ 296,331 in 2009 And £226,367 in 2008.  This will go
a long way to defraying the costs of the hundreds of pheasants they are rearing.
I raised flutter in the  pheasant coop as
I walked through the ‘farm  yard’ 

I could hear the guns of the shoot in the distance.

This web site is a useful tool. 

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