Found, 197,346 marauding elephants!

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Found! 197,346 wild elephants destroying the British


Heard (sorry!) of  ‘progressive
taxes’, ‘wasteful benefits to unemployed scroungers’, the need for ‘food security
‘ , the need for ‘swingeing cuts’, the ‘drive’ to provide houses ?  

all are contradicted by the actuality of  unnecessary  Defra payments in £billions every year to land

197,346 is  the number
of receivers of  CAP payments allegedly
targeted at struggling ‘farmers’. The other figures  tell a different story.


4,573   land
millionaires each received over £100,000  from the Rural Payments
Agency  of Defra in 2009.  That takes care of  £939,865,012.47p. (nearly £1billion)

The total paid out was £3,426,076,230.42p  (£3.4billion)


The other 192,733 farmers have to muck along sharing the
remaining £2,486,211,218 between them.  
Mr O , a working ‘dog and stick’ farmer in Dorchester
and nearing retirement (and facing eviction by the Duchy)  is one who  gets some £10,000 C.A.P.  each year.



The figures are not reliable- since they are produced by RPA
and if you watch the web site carefully you will see RPA adjust them
‘posthumously’ when they find a glitch.


So often do they discover glitches that they were fined-
wait for it - 200 million euros  by the
EU in 2009. for incompetence. 

Bad? It gets worse. 

The £ payouts and the number of landed  welfare scroungers increased over 2008, when 

195,700 received some £2,674,444,000, an increase in payouts
of some twentyeight per cent.


If that increase continues at the same rate , the
payout   this year will be some


This makes a mockery of the coalition’s  campaign for fairness- since there has been

 Mention of cutting
these unnecessary payments. Yet over the expected five year life of this
government  , there is a prospect of a
saving of  £6.5billion – and that’s just
for the increase over 2009 CAP payouts levels. If the whole deal was scrapped
the minimum total savings (at 2009 constant levels) would be £17billion.

I can already hear Peter Kendall, President of NFU,  defending his own CAP payment (over £200,000
in 2009 )

“Its the EU who makes the CAP payments not British taxpayers

Wrong!   CAP is funded
out of  the British contribution of some
£9billion each year to the EU.. The EU refunds taxpyears money – to land

Then he will retort,

“ Britain
has no power to change the CAP system which is decided in Brussels
by Germany and France”

 My response is,  “Britain
has not tried”   probably because the
NFU  is part of the  most powerful   lobby at Westminster
- and also at Brussels- the land


is one of the most stable, constitutional (if not democratic) states in the
world, and also a ‘world player’.  The
E.U. would lose credibility is Britain
pulled out, but it would not come to that. ‘There’s a war on’ (thrice over). is
my thinking. A housing war waged by (building) landowners waged against the
people, there’s an economic war waged against the  people by the bankers and City of London
, (The Afghan war is another one).

Annual £million CAP payments to £millionaire welfare
scroungers raiding the public purse is 
one more war we can do without. 

Mr Kendal, cut the CRAP. Mr Osborne, Cut the C.A.P.!

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