on land laws i think ive finally sealed the doom of u.k land grab

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Hello Lanner and guys,.
I support the sentiment of opposing the results of enclosures- , but.....
its not only the enclisures Acts (there were many more than one e Act ) that  we have to fight but  the law itself.
'The Law' i.e.  enclosures, dissolution of  church lands, the tithe acts, the Corn Law,  and all the acts which transported the Tolpuddle Martyrs and hung the misguided Captain Swing rioters and the Pilgrims of Grace  etc were all Legal acts - by that  I mean Parliamentary   
 Acts duly passed  and signed off by  the monarch. 
So they are not 'illegal' in that sense.
But they could be declared illegal in another sense.
All Acts before the   Reform bills of 1832, 1865, and even up to 1918 were passed by parliaments which do not match up to our modern ideas of democracy.  Up till 1918 women did not have thevote.   Up to 1865  only landowners were eligible for membership of Parliament (upper and lower houses too)  TO vote until 1865 you needed to qualify by having an income of  £10 per annum from property....
Arguably by failing to reform the land ownership system in 1832, 1865 and 1918 all titles to land stem from an imperfect government.
Also the monarchy was highly imperfect.  Henry Tudor was a triple murderer, Elizabeth  burned religious dissenters, so did  Mary Tudor,
James VI was a rabid burner of  old women he rooted out as 'witches' and set alight to them in hte High Street  below Edinburgh Castle.
That is a better case for contesting present land monopoly than calling it 'illegal'
History is written (The first six books of the bible are an example) to justify present (not past) sytems of government .
(in the  case of Israel to justify the   occupation of Canaan and Palestinian land. Re-writing  history is called 'aeteology'  
Duke William  won England by conquest and  conquest does not give legal title to land.  
When I get round to it I mean to  rewrite history to show the crminal anti-social , wicked acts of each monarch of England , and llist all their breaches of human rights. This will de-legitimise  all pre-Reform parliamentary acts .
The courts of law are "HIs/Her Majesty's Courts" - Crown Courts etc.  De-legitimise the monarch and you de-legitimise the  bad laws. 
Arguably until people, not their representatives, write off the laws , no laws are constitutionally valid. - thats where we are at. James      

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 Dear diggers group
  looking in to the past the enclosure act was an illegal law by a way of grabbing poor peoples land and turning it into there wealth start of capitalism via lords,after a 200 year corn and food riot over pricing and land there no way the serfs would just hand it over via a so called contract to the state.the war started 1700 to 1834.ind revolution.i reckon the government must have just made up,ie illegal,a law to take it all illegally.
 if you know any member whos on benefits get legal aid i believe its a winable case.fact is even british coal a private company who say they own stuff ie defunct collierys clearly don't wether they paid for the land or not its all publically owned,it could stop them building on prime u.k land which should not be build
 on.my case is the citys have plenty of crap land to build on,not old brownfields sites though as they often harbour historic sites,and newly sprung habitats.
 so its extremly important for u.k land you take and win this case.for the u.k.
 the plain fact is the best thing for these sites is to be registered community forests and recreational land for free camping ect,if not protected grasses,wild weeds,ie wild flowers ect.
if have been trying to stop the eastside development a green cit lung in nottingham behind bbc,if you can help i thought some large round wicker sculptures could be placed on here,or a sculpture park with little cave like bus stop like shelters for walkers on these sites,if it looks like someones using these sites they can be saved from greedy developers.
 one other site needing help is sherwood and newark areas where alot of old colliery land the incinerator thing they want to build on it.
 one other
 way to aid in law change is leafleting this cause,often though the governmnet never listens this way or say on leaflets sign our online petiton,i bet 200,ooo petitions can be made on this.and other causes,or open a petition shop and hand them out.

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