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I just heard a great story about Sid at the 1971 Glastonbury festival from Alan Lofting - off Majic Theatre - he of the flying taxi - his story goes... 

it had been a very wet and muddy festy - there had been storms and lots of peoples tents had gotten blown away - and there had been lots of naked mud dancing and then at the end of the festy when all were cleaning up,  a big bath was made from a very large metal water tank - theres was a fire built underneath and a pallet in the bottom of the bath so you didnt burn your bum - the muddy people took it in turns to get in - someone was there to wash your hair and then when you were clean - you hopped on sids back and he carried you to the barn to get dry - Al said Sid was in his element - Sids huge frame and strength came in handy - I think one of his great traits was to see the bigger picture and know whats needed on a very basic level

mmm last year I saw someone get arrested for being naked at Glasto...

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      There was actually a plan to provide sufficient tobacco .  suppied by a slightly questionable possible fraud operated by Coventry Diggers. Sid negotiated with chap who could supply a lot of sandwiches, but pulled out when he started talking about corrugated iron enclaves to protect the other stuff he wanted to sell, in order to give away the sandwiches.
Sadly this cause a bit of a hiccup in the transport availibility , which together with  various attempts to steal the whole lot. It all ended up in my Mum's airing cupboard and attic.

 Strangely we all dont smoke now. and its seems bad to have encouraged people to smoke ( or indeed to eat the hot dogs, som eof which were strangely obtained)
My Dad and his mates sold it at various factories over a couple of months and we used the money to pay for  a small boat we had sent to
 Dorinish and  put out a news issue that tried to set the record straight following some distrust between  us ( sid and me )  and the people at BIT

Some of it lasted a long time mu mun was still trying to sell Henri Wintermans Cigars two years later.
I still have a cheque book in  the name of British Gnome Stores, that was central to some of the financial meanderings.

I think its ok to start to let tales like this  to get aired.... There was a reunion on Sat on Cove and some of are still finding out othere parts of the same stories after all of this years. And some of the main people arent about any more.

Ps Sid was very concerned about the boat  , the choppy waters was only two inches below the top edge of it when in use..

Once again  we are sponsoring the World Of Willow at Chatsworth Country Fair .September 2010  Our 10th years.

It is also 150th anniversary of Cooperative Basketmaking. Watch out for our Back to Baskets Campaign supporting cleaner communities.

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The 71 festival was the second, not the first Glastonbury, but was the first big one and the one where the pyramid stage was built. In the month prior to the festival there was a sort of upstairs/downstairs situation, with Mike Eavis, Arabella Churchill etc in the house, and a bunch of hippie workers in the field congregating round the visqueen tipi where Sid held court. Everyone was broke and tobacco was in such short supply that roll-ups were passed around like joints. I'm not sure whether Sid actually did anything other than pontificate, but his imposing  presence held people together through a month of rain.Sid's free cafe at the entirely free1971 Glastonbury festival was not the only one to make a profit. The other free cafe, The Communal Knead, held together by a North American called Mike
 Barglow, also ended up in profit from donations (even though all its takings were ripped off half way through the festival). The profits (£35, a huge sum) were used to buy an FG van which headed off to Christiana and started a cafe which I believe was called the Mad House.
Sid's best stunt at  the 71 festival was when a hot dog salesman set up his van right in front of the pyramid stage. Sid sent his minions out to hassle for donations, drove off to Bristol and bought hundreds of rolls and sausages, and then set up a "free hot dog" stand right next to the salesman — who packed up and drove off. 
On 4 Sep 2010, at 00:10, Tony Gosling wrote:Mourning the King of the HippiesSid Rawlehttp://www.thisissomerset.co.uk/news/Mourning-King-Hippies/article-2603151-detail/article.html
He was the self-styled "King of the Hippies", creator of the infamous "Peace Convoy", and one of the most recognisable faces of the New Age movement, but now Rainbow Camp founder Sid Rawle has died.
The 64-year-old festival organiser collapsed suddenly at the Rainbow Camp in Rodley, Gloucestershire, on Tuesday afternoon.
His convoy's bid to set up at the 11th Stonehenge Free Festival in 1985 led to the "Battle of the Beanfield", after being refused entry to the stones by Wiltshire Police. The convoy later won a court battle with police, proving wrongful arrest, assault and criminal damage.
Mr Rawle, who grew up on Exmoor, was involved in the New Age movement from its earliest days. A former resident of "Beatle Island", John Lennon and
 Yoko Ono's retreat off the coast of Ireland, he was a leading figure in the free festival scene, organising events all over the country and present during the early days of Glastonbury Festival.
He moved to the Forest of Dean 20 years ago and set up the Forest Fayre and Rainbow 2000 Camps at Westbury-on- Severn.
Forest of Dean district councillor Norman Stephens, who knew Mr Rawle for many years, said: "Although Sid chose an alternative lifestyle he was also a gentleman and a man of peace.
"He had run the Rainbow camps, first at Elton and then at Rodley, for a number of years and the locals had taken the festivals to their heart. There was never any problems. I last spoke to Sid on Friday and his death is a real shock. My thoughts are with his family."
Mr Rawle was renowned as the only person to make a profit at the first Glastonbury Festival in 1971, cooking
 up a cauldron of fruit and veg discarded from Bristol Market.
The committed campaigner was also a key part of the free festivals at Windsor Great Park in the early 1970s and was arrested for trying to promote a festival there in 1975.
He founded the Tipi Valley hippy community in West Wales in 1976 and was perhaps best-known for creating the infamous new age travelling group the Peace Convoy.
He left shortly after the Battle of the Beanfield in 1985 – the largest mass civil arrest in English history – when police prevented the convoy from setting up at the 11th Stonehenge Free Festival.
After a period with the Green Party, Mr Rawle returned to setting up festivals including the Rainbow 2000 series of events.
His camps were inspired by the "Vision of Albion", which he described as: "A vision of one world united in love, a vision of unity in diversity."
His vision has created a legacy in modern culture with controversial noughties rock star
 Pete Doherty naming an album with his band Babyshambles Down In Albion and his journals The Books Of Albion.
In 1997, the Halifax Building Society used a picture of Mr Rawle without his permission in an advertising campaign.
The image used the slogan "Be Part Of Something Big, Man" in a speech bubble above his head. Mr Rawle tried to sue the company but was unsuccessful. Mr Rawle died as he was packing up this year's Rainbow 2000

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