There's nothing wrong with banking in itself

Mark Barrett marknbarrett at
Mon Sep 13 09:36:10 BST 2010

There is something very wrong with banking when it has become corrupt,
by commanding the rental stream from land as an unearned income:

•70% + of money created as debt is to buy land
•It is created for free by private banking corporations. No capital
was employed for the returns as so called "interest"
•Zero cost of production = unearned income
•OK so there was some labour and capital employed, lets say about
0.001% is earned income
•The "interest" is really rent as the rental stream from the
collateral of the loan
•Who do you want to pay your rent to? A landlord or a bank?
•If the mortgagee defaults the bank gets a nice piece of land.
Evidently the best asset anyone can invest in as society advances
•Land values ALWAYS rise as society makes progress. And only fall when
it is in decline. That has only happened as whole civilisations have
collapsed (Rome, Babylon, China, India etc)
•If the "loan" is repaid in full, the bank gets double the loan unearned
•Thus there is no more risk to creating money as there is to buying
land directly. Please get over paying banks for risk. There is none.
Its a win win free gift for them
•Land is the thing the most people speculate on, even homeowners.
Banks do it the most intensely because of their buying power in
monopoly money creation
•21st century banks are the modern day aristocratic landlords, simply
more insidious. Fully protected by our democratically elected
parliament and our undemocratically elected house of (land) lords
•Failing to see this is why the integral nature of money creation and
private land ownership is a difficult concept
•In the end it is still the land that matters most, even today no
wealth can be created without it
•In fact this simple factor has intensified the more easily wealth can
be produced. It is growing in intensity while it becomes ever more
•Remember: Wealth in the economic sense is not money, nor is it land.
Wealth is anything produced by doing work using natural resources,
that people want in exchange, for their own wealth
Make sense?

The legitimate business of banking might be limited to the:

•safe keeping of money
•loaning money *
•making of credits
•exchange of credits

* Real Loans from depositors money

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