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it does not work in practice due to the fascist nature of our government, many have followed the construct of the freeman technology and all have failed, I have yet to see a single example of it working

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Hi again
You don't  need to be a member to post there as I am the moderator and will let it through but anyhow I have posted yours, and also Marki Brown's excellent response together on the 2012 list. 
There are a number of people on that list, aswell as  at Democracy Village who are aware of the freeman 'legal fiction' argument, indeed there are some who push it, but mostly we are not convinced that it actually works in practice. Please advise where it has been used by activists successfully, in a collective or individual capacity? 

That said, there wil be talks at our Trafalgar Square demo on the 9th about the idea (as will there be on Money and Land Reform)
Really not sure about all this emphasis on using technicalities. What does it matter if technically we are dead, or that the Queepowns the land, we need a movement that makes the antidotes to the problems we all face a reality, and for that I reason I am happy that John Harris educates people on some of this stuf, but much of it seems a bit of a waste of time, and often he just gets facts plain wrong, in my view


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Hi Mark, 
I have responded to this group as that is where it was posted.
I did however check that group, and to be quite honest, that group does not have the capacity to know this information becasue they are fighting about statutes and acts, the very thing that uses fictional entities.

My position is that if anyone arguing statutes and acts of parliament then they really don't know what is going on.
I would appreciate it if my message were instead posted to the group i posted it to, as i did not intend joining another group just for the sake of posting this information.
It was simply for the group members i supposedly am a part of.
If you'd like to direct the author to this group, then i might respond. 
I do not have another view on this matter as i have studied it, and researched it extensively, and I'm not open to hearing the authors point of view as they are missing very important information unless they are prepared to study the information extensively.

Thanks for your response and I trust that the message i have posted to the group will be sent.
You might want to check the CQV act, and still part of law, we are all technically dead.
fire of London 1666 everyone was declared dead, and they have seven years to prove otherwise.


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Subject: Re: [Diggers350] There's nothing wrong with banking in itself

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Hi Mr Zouk
PLease re-post to  
project2012 at googlegroups.com 
so the author can respond

On 13 September 2010 18:39, Mr Zouk <mrzouk8 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Are you sure about that? (just asking the question, I'm not discrediting your article, just giving some more facts)
1. banks loan nothing, your signature creates the funds.
http://www.freewebs.com/debtfreesovereign/ same all over the world and there is alot more evidence to support this fact.
2. you never own land in the U.K. you are simply a tenant, full title is owned by the crown.
3. when you register anything you give up ownership and become a registered keeper.
4. All money is promissory: "I promise to pay the bearer the value of...." 
and is therefore debt based. (because it's no longer backed by gold, so it's a promise until such time as the money is again backed by gold)
5. What are you buying when you purchase land?  a title? sounds similar to money....a note of somekind. Or is it just a receipt? (paper for paper)
you cannot own anything.
6. Interest is really stealing something from you that you created for the banks in commerce.
7. the Birth Certificate is where the debt is created (as collateral for the international banks / central banks) and came into being under admiralty maritime law or law of the sea, through bondage. a Bond was created at birth and is floated on the stock market. (as you can see, floating another maritime admiralty word)

Bond - Bondage - Slavery
You do not own your name in commerce i.e. the Mr / Mrs / Ms or the Capital Letter Fiction.
It was created at birth. you can use it, if you claim ownership of the name, you become the liable party.
The name was created at Birth, your parents signed the document as "informants" the Birth Certificate is Crown Copyright, they own the name. Your parents were not given full disclosure as to the nature of this contract.

(there are lots more questions that can be answered about it, but in order to lessen any confusion, i've kept the information as simple as possible)
thats why you will see all commerce using words that relate to the sea.
Yes we are all operating in commerce.
Berth Certificate - Birth Certificate
Trans port
Citizen ship
Owner ship
Pass port
Bank - river bank
Currency - current sea
Medical Dock - 
Merchant Banking 
Offshore Account
Bank Holiday - Bank Holy Day and there other words that will show how religion is in the legal system i.e. there is no coincidence that the leader of the country happens to be a 
Prime Minister..........  
and there are many more.
this video is only a small part of what is going on, however worth researching:
John Harris - 'It's an illusion' talk at the Stoke 'Lawful Rebellion' Conference
Theres alot more to research if you really want to have a broader perspective on the topic.
enjoy and research
Banks aren't landlords whoever the banks are serving, I would suspect the Crown, thats where it's at. It's all connected at the top.

There is alot of information that will come out over the coming months, as more and more research.
but if you want to know more, I suggest you do some serious research.

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Subject: [Diggers350] There's nothing wrong with banking in itself
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Date: Monday, September 13, 2010, 6:36 PM


There is something very wrong with banking when it has become corrupt,

by commanding the rental stream from land as an unearned income:

•70% + of money created as debt is to buy land
•It is created for free by private banking corporations. No capital
was employed for the returns as so called "interest"

•Zero cost of production = unearned income
•OK so there was some labour and capital employed, lets say about
0.001% is earned income
•The "interest" is really rent as the rental stream from the
collateral of the loan

•Who do you want to pay your rent to? A landlord or a bank?
•If the mortgagee defaults the bank gets a nice piece of land.
Evidently the best asset anyone can invest in as society advances
•Land values ALWAYS rise as society makes progress. And only fall when

it is in decline. That has only happened as whole civilisations have
collapsed (Rome, Babylon, China, India etc)
•If the "loan" is repaid in full, the bank gets double the loan unearned
•Thus there is no more risk to creating money as there is to buying

land directly. Please get over paying banks for risk. There is none.
Its a win win free gift for them
•Land is the thing the most people speculate on, even homeowners.
Banks do it the most intensely because of their buying power in

monopoly money creation
•21st century banks are the modern day aristocratic landlords, simply
more insidious. Fully protected by our democratically elected
parliament and our undemocratically elected house of (land) lords

•Failing to see this is why the integral nature of money creation and
private land ownership is a difficult concept
•In the end it is still the land that matters most, even today no
wealth can be created without it

•In fact this simple factor has intensified the more easily wealth can
be produced. It is growing in intensity while it becomes ever more
•Remember: Wealth in the economic sense is not money, nor is it land.

Wealth is anything produced by doing work using natural resources,
that people want in exchange, for their own wealth
Make sense?

The legitimate business of banking might be limited to the:

•safe keeping of money

•loaning money *
•making of credits
•exchange of credits

* Real Loans from depositors money

Visit this group at http://groups.google.com/group/project2012?hl=en-GB.


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