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Still amazes me how many "modern" environmentalists haven't read Silent 
Spring, or other early classics of the environment movement. Perhaps this 
programme will help. Available on-line for the next seven days.


Witness: 'Silent Spring'

BBC World Service, 29th September 2010

Silent Spring published in 1962, marked the birth of the modern environmental 
movement. It challenged the widespread use of pesticides, and provoked a new 
way of looking at the world.

(there was also an excellent programme later in the day on work and 
spirituality -- see 

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"We are not for names, nor men, nor titles of Government,
nor are we for this party nor against the other but we are
for justice and mercy and truth and peace and true freedom,
that these may be exalted in our nation, and that goodness,
righteousness, meekness, temperance, peace and unity with
God, and with one another, that these things may abound."
(Edward Burrough, 1659 - from 'Quaker Faith and Practice')

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