Camping out in Trafalgar Square tonight

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Sat Apr 2 23:10:54 BST 2011

Tonight in Trafalgar Square

Love footage from tonights solidarity in defiance encampment in 
Trafalgar Square.
They say bring your tents, the more the merrier...

Ready For

Sun 3rd Apr 2011
Can't Stop An Idea presents...
UkUncut: Business as Usual

Last weekend 145 peaceful protesters were detained as a result a 
peaceful and non-violent protest in Fortnum and Masons. 138 people 
involved have been charged with agravated trespass. Read here for more info.
But now we want to get back on the streets, spreading the message, 
letting people know that we'll still be protesting outrageous tax inequality.
Our activism is working, and we're making great progress: a Treasury 
Select committee is now going to investigate tax avoidance.
This Sunday we'll be heading back to Oxford Street to revisit some 
old friends. There will be singing, chanting, handing out of sweets 
and balloons, all to let the public know about the unfair tax 
policies which allow rich corporations to weasel out of paying their 
fair share.

Join us for a fun, good-natured day of direct action on the streets.

Read Solidarity Forever for reasons to keep fighting the good 
fight!Meeting place	Hanover Square W1S
Time to meet	1pm
Contact details	

cantstopanidea at

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