[Diggers350] 99% of worlds population will have to go...?

Dan Powell dan at gaiapro.co.uk
Sun Apr 3 17:01:43 BST 2011

Dear All

A very interesting discussion started here on population.

For my part I do not agree with limiting population growth either.


This approach seems to me to be an admission of failure by those in the
world who have sufficient opportunity and freedom to attempt to help solve
the "population question".

This, I believe is a reactive and defeatist approach that only engenders
negativity and dis-empowers the have-nots who incidentally are the same
individuals who contribute most to population growth and would suffer most
from population control.

A much more pro-active approach, I think, is to attempt to understand the
factors that go towards population growth. Then decide in which area one
wishes to concentrate to exercise one's freedom to contribute to solve the

A much more eloquent discussion on this issue can heard being given by Hans
Roling on TED.

It's a good 20mins worth and hopefully will help de-polarise the diggers
discussion here.



with regards


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