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They're not "zero carbon" homes anymore! 

Like the politicians who created the idea, and then ditched, they've now 
become "zero trust" homes. You too and move in and be exempted from any moral 
responsibility for not keeping your promises because you're more interested in 
the money.

On that note, apparently George Osborne was walking down Whitehall the other 
day when a mugger came up behind him, put a knife to his throat, and said, 
"your money or your life?".

George said nothing.

The mugger said, "oi, I told you, your money or your life?".

"Hang on", said George, "I can't decide!"



WWF resigns from UK Government’s zero carbon homes taskforce

Energy Efficiency News, 4th April 2011

WWF has resigned from the UK Government’s zero carbon homes taskforce and 
withdrawn its support from the policy, which it says is now "effectively 

The move follows the Government’s surprise announcement in the 2011 Budget 
last month that its definition of ‘zero carbon’ would no longer include 
emissions from energy use in the home, from appliances, for example.

Housebuilders will now not have to ensure that all energy demand can be met 
from carbon-neutral sources and will only be responsible for emissions covered 
by building regulations.

The WWF says that the change effectively transfers the task of providing clean 
energy for ‘zero carbon’ homes from the housebuilder to energy suppliers and 
will make decarbonising the grid by 2030 much more difficult.

The costs for decarbonising electricity supply will also be redirected from 
housebuilders and homeowners to all energy bill payers, says the WWF, 
regardless of income.

"This fundamental shift in policy will result in new homes being built that 
add to the overall emissions burden of UK homes," says the WWF in a statement.

The organisation says that the original policy, which had cross-party support, 
would have been a pioneering policy putting the UK ahead of European housing 
policy and an example to the world.

"It is a shattering blow to find out, without consultation, that the Government 
has taken a decision to undermine both climate and housing legislation," says 
Colin Butfield, head of campaigns at WWF-UK.

The WWF had been working with the Government’s Zero Carbon Taskforce on the 
legislation since 2007 and says that builders and suppliers were starting to 
gear up in readiness for the policy, which takes effect in 2016.

But shortly after coming into power in 2010, the Coalition hinted that it was 
considering relaxing the rules surrounding zero-carbon homes to make it easier 
for developers.

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