A talk on Land claim, how to setup an eco-village, and a bit of lawful rebellion with Dom

Mr Zouk mrzouk8 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 13:39:00 BST 2011

A talk on Land claim, how to setup an eco-village, and a bit of lawful rebellion with Dom
- Thursday April 14th @ 7.30pm -

This is a talk for anyone interested in setting up an eco village, looking at how to overcome obstacles, including the court system and common law. Dom will talk about how to find information which is generally quite difficult to find.

check the link for more info

Dom is an activist who travels around the country providing information and assisting with projects. He has been involved with people from tpuc and lawful rebellion. Dom has learnt the language of law, so can explain how to navigate around this tricky business, without always losing.

Dom will be able to show how this language can be turned to our own advantage enabling us to landclaim, and set up eco villages. 

Free Entrance, donations are most welcome

please contact freemanecovillage at hotmail.com for more info
If you can't make this meeting why not organise one closer to you.


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