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Thanks for alerting us to  this

But a brief look at the document shows that here are literally  
hundreds of statutory duties under question, and most ol of them are  
sensible, eg:

  obligation to provide information in writing,
obligation to see that when confiscated material is sold, the profits  
are returned to the owner;
obligation  to rehouse people who have been made homelss by a  
compulsory purchase order;
obligation to carry out housing needs  surveys;
obligation to maintain public registers;
obligation to compensate people sustaining damage as a result of the  
Local Authority exercising its powers
fire prevention obligations
issuing certificates of lawful use under 4 and 12 year rules
keeping records of planning applications

etc etc etc

It would take half a lifetime to respond to all the matters of  
importance on this list.


On 16 Apr 2011, at 22:53, Graeme Dow wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> The Government has announced a "Review of statutory duties", aimed  
> at identifying and removing duties from local authorities which are  
> a "burden". One of the duties they are considering removing is the  
> duty to provide sufficient number of allotments for people in the  
> area who want one. This means ALL allotments, including existing  
> ones, not just new ones.
> Look at the Government's web page on "Review of statutory duties  
> placed on local government"athttp://www.communities.gov.uk/ 
> localgovernment/decentralisation/tacklingburdens/ 
> reviewstatutoryduties/ .
> Then fill in the "Statutory duties webform" which is in the top  
> right-hand corner, or go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ 
> GP7BKKT . Time is short. We have only until 25 April.
> The form is a bit confusing, so I have included (below) some model  
> answers which you can use, or write your own. But do fill in the form!
> Best regards,
> Joe Foster, Chair
> Hollin Lane Allotments, Leeds
> http://hollinlaneallotments.org/
> Answers for the Statutory duties webform:
> 1. Please quote the reference number for the duty or duties you are  
> commenting on.
> DCLG_136
> 2. What does this duty help local authorities to achieve?
> Provide sufficient number of allotments for those in their area  
> that want one.
> 3. Does undertaking this duty present local authorities with a burden?
> NO
> 4. In your opinion, could this duty be removed?
> NO
> 5. What are the particular benefits of this duty being removed and  
> who would benefit?
> 6. What do you consider are the adverse effects of removing this  
> duty and who would this affect?
> We could lose many allotments just at a time they have become  
> hugely popular in
> many sections of the community, and when were are increasingly  
> concerned about
> the need for more exercise and a healthy diet for individuals, and  
> about food security
> for the nation.
> 7. Are you aware of any guidance - statutory or non-statutory -  
> associated regulations or powers that are associated with this  
> duty? If so please list them here.
> Non statutory guidance: "Allotments: A plot holders' guide" at
> http://www.farmgarden.org.uk/ari/resources/allotments-a-plotholders- 
> guide-new-edition-mainmenu-151
> 8. In your opinion are powers and/or guidance helpful or do they  
> create a burden?
> The guidance is helpful.
> 9. Would you like to add any general comments about this particular  
> duty?
> Local government allotment provision has functioned well and at  
> very little expense for many years.
> The benefits to the public are difficult to measure, but must be  
> substantial, and reach beyond allotment
> holders and their families to the community at large.

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