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There was a man who had a conflict with a Council in South Wales.   He 
went up on their roof and threw the roofing off.   Flying missiles made 
it a bit spectacular, and there is a hell of a lot of damage done if 
started quietly at night with heavy rain.    I suppose most Councils now 
have their computers backed up in differing locations so a good soaking 
would not destroy their records..

There is an element of class war if people in houses dehome people in 
caravans.   Will there be a  reaction?  then who will be compensating 
the people whose houses get destroyed?    Will it be their insurance or 
the Council.    There might be some difficulty in determining accident 
or arson.    Particularly if more odd sods get involved and decide that 
the destsruction of the insurance industry is a promising start to the 
destruction of Capitalism and such actions would be the best way to wage 
he Class War.    Then the Government will have to pay for its failure.

Congratulations are due to Cameron and his mob.   The whole thing 
managed right could destroy the EU.

But what happened to Zerzan?

Keep it educational fun

On 17/04/2011 16:19, Tony Gosling wrote:
> *Surprise Whitehall cash materialises to aid traveller evictions
> * 
> http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/8975379.Surprise_Whitehall_cash_for_traveller_evictions/
> 6:00pm Thursday 14th April 2011
> THE *Government has agreed to pay £1.2million towards evicting about 
> 96 traveller families* from the illegal Dale Farm site.
> The funding will go towards the total cost of clearing the Crays Hill 
> site, which some fear could run to £18million, including policing costs.
> The Department for Communities and Local Government had previously 
> rejected a request for more than £3million, so the news has been 
> welcomed by Basildon Council.
> There is still no news on whether the Home Office will part-fund the 
> possible £10.4million the evictions could cost Essex Police.
> Tory council leader Tony Ball said: "We were expecting no Government 
> funding, so it was a surprise.
> "It is not as much as we had hoped for, but it is the first sign the 
> Government accepts this is a national, and not just a local issue for 
> Basildon."
> However, Mr Ball stressed the money would not necessarily be used to 
> reduce the council's £8million share of the budget for the evictions.
> He said: "This simply takes our total budget to £9.2million for the 
> evictions."
> However, Basildon and Billericay MP John Baron thinks the funding 
> should go to Essex Police if the force fails to get all the money it 
> needs from the Home Office.
> He said: "After months of lobbying by the council and myself, this is 
> a small step in the right direction, given the department initially 
> refused all funding.
> "There is still a big funding gap in the policing costs, which we are 
> looking to the Government to fill, and these negotiations are ongoing."
> Grattan Puxon, campaigner for the travellers, said the Government 
> decision showed it supported the eviction against the advice of the 
> United Nations and Council of Europe.
> He added: "This is even more public money going towards a solution 
> which is not a solution."
> Council officials have already been to Dale Farm to record the 
> personal details of camp residents, in preparation for evictions.
> Mr Puxon said families had been given until the end of the month to 
> fill out forms and give them back to the council.
> He added: "We still hope to challenge the decision at the High Court, 
> on grounds the council is not considering personal circumstances. 
> There is one man who is now bed-bound and cannot live on the roadside, 
> another with severe learning disabilities and a number of pregnant women.
> "The action proposed is disproportionate."
> Comments(2)
> aroma, southend says...
> 10:25pm Thu 14 Apr 11
> pregnant women, young children, ill and elderly. to be homeless. 
> hardly stressful for vulnerable people! This is disgusting. 96 
> families to be made homeless. surely would be cheaper to put a 'legal 
> site' together. Have Basildon council got 96 spare houses that can 
> suitably home these families? other people get housed. atleast these 
> people live cheap, but get accussed of scrounging! wont be long now 
> before the 'same old, same old' come on here calling them scum. well 
> before they do. to think like that it's 'people that live in glass 
> houses.... and pot kettle black!
> remember. there's good and bad in everyone, racism is for the ignorant."
> Pentangelis, says...
> 11:04pm Thu 14 Apr 11
> Has anyone stopped to consider that this excercise is going to cost us 
> upwards of a QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS for every family moved and 
> that once they are moved, we will have to spend this sum again to move 
> them on and again and again until a proper solution is found.
> Surely now is the time to let common sense and reason take over from 
> all the blethering and posturing.
> If it is that we must move these people, then let's find them a 
> suitable permanent site and get it sorted that way. Then at least we 
> will not have to effectively buy each family a good house and still 
> end up with neither they or us having anything tangible to show for it."
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