DEFRA protest

Alison Banville alisonbanville at
Thu Aug 11 20:55:31 BST 2011

'I worked in Teeside in the 70's this abuse is the tip of the iceberg, and the 
management knew what was happening, anyone who complained was shown the door and 
told to keep your mouth shut or your family would get a visit... I left after 
seeing fresh meat urinated on... im now a veggie.' 

FB protest outside DEFRA who will not act against those responsible for the 
sickening cruelty at Cheale Meats because the footage was obtained without the 
consent of the company being investigated! Got that? This didn't stop footage of 
abuse in care homes being used as the basis for prosecutions. 

Have a look at the footage and at Animal Aid's other investigations and remember 
to acknowledge that ALL animals - organic, free-range and factory farmed - end 
up here. How many times does undercover footage have to be obtained, how many 
ex-slaughtermen have to give testimony of the endemic abuse, before those of you 
who comfort yourselves with the 'as long as it's had a happy life' 
rationalization engage your brains and your hearts? As Gary Yourofsky says - 
'how did you think slaves were treated?'

Animal Aid has secretly filmed inside eight other slaughterhouses from January 
2009 until the present. Previous investigations can be seen 

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