Councils set to evict rioters

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Councils set to evict rioters
By Alistair Keely - Thursday, 11 August 2011
Council tenants were warned today they could be evicted from their 
homes if they are found to be involved in rioting.
Council chiefs in Manchester, Wandsworth and Salford said anybody 
found to be involved in crimes carried out during the riots will not 
just face a criminal conviction - they may also find themselves 
losing their homes.
Councillor Paul Andrews, Manchester City Council's executive member 
for neighbourhood services, said: "If you are a tenant of any of our 
properties, and you or your children are found to be involved in the 
looting we will use whatever powers are available to us to make sure 
you are thrown out.
"Most people who live in our properties respect their neighbours and 
play by the rules. Those who do not, and who are found to be involved 
in this sickening criminal activity, could find their tenancies at risk."
The warning also came from Wandsworth Council in London.
Council leader Ravi Govindia warned that anyone who lives in a 
council-owned property who is convicted of involvement in the 
disorder could also face eviction proceedings.
He had instructed the council's housing department to look at ways of 
evicting council tenants involved in the disorder.
He added: "People who live in council homes should be under no 
illusions about the fate that awaits them if they are found to have 
been involved in Monday night's destruction and thuggery."
In Salford, John Merry, leader of the council, added: "Anyone who can 
do this to their own city is not welcome in Salford.
"We need to make sure these people understand their actions do have 
consequences, and the consequences for some of them could mean they 
lose their homes.
"This is not a decision we take lightly, but we really must take a 
stand. I would urge anyone who can identify any of the people 
responsible to work with us and the police to bring these criminals 
to justice."
Officers from the council and the council's housing provider, Salix 
Homes, are reviewing the CCTV images to see if they can help identify 
any of the offenders.
Salix Homes also plans to take legal action and potentially evict 
tenants found to have been involved in the disorder.
Council tenants involved in riots across Nottingham could also face 
eviction from their homes.
Nottingham City Council leader Jon Collins said parents had a 
responsibility to control the young people living in their homes.
He said: "If you or your children are involved, you are putting your 
family home at risk - don't let that happen."
Nottingham City homes chief executive Chris Langstaff added: "It is a 
breach of your tenancy agreement to commit acts of anti-social 
behaviour such as noise and disturbance.
"We are very clear that we will seek to evict anyone that has been 
involved in the violence over the past few days." 

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