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Mon Aug 15 16:06:24 BST 2011

Farming Today are due to feature Common Agricultural Policy in each of this week's 6.45am programmes on Radio 4.

I have been blagging them to feature this 'disgrace' for a year.  just a co-incidence of course.

This morning Jack Thurston of made the point that £3billion plus of CAP subsidies is not helping farmers.

Listen out for NFU spokesmen who are sure to be on saying how our poor farmers need such support.
-Of course they are right- but the trouble is that most money doesnt go to poor  farmers but to huge rich landowners -and it gets worse- it goes to British Sugar and Nestle in  £millions each year .    
I plug the evils of CAP which costs each UK  household , according to Daily Telegraph, £380 p.a. (not the £150 figure mentioned on FT)
and this is more likely to engage and enrage townspeople who dont know about the land issue which explains why 'land' is treated as a low interest subject.
Listen again at   and go to radio , then F , then FARMING TO-DAY, THEN  LISTEN AGAIN.      

Oh, to create a stink, I have nominated myself for BBC food and farming awards  for me holding an opinion poll on peoples' low awareness of CAP and their views on how to reform it.  (I'll stand you all a drink (of milk) when I receive my award.) 

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