Ecotopia 2012 preparation 6-8 Jan. in Weitzgrund (Bad Belzig)

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Mon Dec 19 11:28:25 GMT 2011

Good Morning,

Just a three more week to go before the next Ecotopia Preparation
Meeting, hope that all of you are coming and to give you some
pre-information I attach the minute (made by Dorothee, a big thanks).

Hope to see you all in the beginning of next year and wish you a good
ending of this one....

And if you haven't done so please join the Ecotopia Preparation list

Ljubav i mir,

wam :~)

ps Also in the time of Ecotopia 2012 there will be a second int.
Climatecamp in Jänschwalde (they already said they would love to do
something together).

Wam Kat
Weitzgrund 5
14806 Bad Belzig
abbonier mailinglist:
tel.: +49(0)33841-32000
Mobile tel:+49(0)16097588074 (liebst nür/please just SMS)
skype: wam.kat

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