Luddites' harmful technology breaking for the 200th anniversary

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Thu Dec 22 18:58:48 GMT 2011

Dear Friends,

Over the past 9 months the Luddites200 Organising 
Forum has achieved a great deal on a very small 
budget.  We have built a network from scratch, 
created a website and blog, given nearly 20 
workshops and organised our own events, produced 
publications and even taken direct action.  We 
have succeeded in making many people aware of the 
Luddite anniversary, and have begun a crucial 
conversation about the relevance of the Luddites 
to current debates around technology.

We've now reached a tricky point, where we need 
your help. We have some exciting plans for next 
year, including a festival and an activist 
gathering, but sadly, we are running very short 
of money. This is partly because our benefit gig 
in Leeds failed to raise any funds, although it 
was a very good event in all other respects.

It's very hard for projects like ours, which 
don't fit into conventional funders' categories, 
to raise money from foundations. So we're hoping 
that you will be able to give us a hand, in order 
to make sure that we can carry through on our plans for next year.

We know that a lot of people are asking for your 
money at this time of year, but please bear in 
mind that a donation from you from you will make 
more difference to us than it will to larger 
organisations, which have access to many sources of funding.

What We've Done

We have:
    * Organised successful events in London, 
Nottingham and Leeds and given nearly 20 workshops all over the country.
    * Produced the special feature for Housmans 
Peace Diary 2012, contributed to the special 
issue of The Land magazine, and written a number 
of other articles and blog posts.
    * Created our own website and blog.
    * Created a supporters network of nearly 400 
people and an expanding organising group
    * Taken direct action to put pressure on the 
People's History Museum in Manchester to celebrate the Luddites.

How to donate

There are two ways to donate: by cheque, or 
online via Paypal.  In both cases, payment will 
be made to Human Genetics Alert, a supportive 
organisation which is allowing us to use their 
bank account.  Your money will go to Luddites200.

Please send cheques payable to Human Genetics 
Alert to 22B St Kilda's Rd, London N16 5BZ, 
noting that they are for Luddites200.  Online 
payments can be made by going to the Luddites200 
blog ( and using the 
donate button on the right hand side.

If you donate £20 or more we will send you a free 
copy of The Land special issue (for which you'll 
need to give us your postal address).

Thanks very much for your support so far.  We 
look forward to celebrating the Luddites with you in 2012.

Best wishes,


luddites200 at

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